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Michael Guydish

Your Independent Consultant

Why am I doing this? I was a customer for over a year when I discovered products can also be sold by individual consultants and they can provide more comprehensive solutions at cheaper prices than my previous retail method.

As a Consultant, I was more motivated to learn about, buy, and taste as many products as possible.  The more I did that, the more I liked Shelf Reliance products.  They do indeed sell themselves, and I consider myself a critic (food snob).

I am able to combine my existing knowledge from a vast range of interests to freeze-dried foods and other Shelf Reliance Products. Some of my related interests/traits include:
Outdoor activities family 
Emergency food storage and preparedness advocate
Efficiency of time and resources
Cooking (short order cook 6 years - I understand how foods cook)
Electrical Engineer and programmer - technically minded to design additional convenient ideas for use and storage
Healthy eating (philosophy of no absolute restrictions, but heavy focus on non-processed, natural foods)
I am unable to sell anything I don't like or don't believe in.  Quite frankly, I despise sales and salespeople and I have a real job. I have no further motivation past being myself and being enthusiastic only about the products and sales aspects I personally like.  I will happily explain (the few) items and sales aspects I personally don't like in order for you to make your own choice, despite what the company probably wants me to do.  Not all people can like all products and have a fit to all marketing scenarios, and that happens to be true for their human Consultants too.  I will however give you my best explanation of pros and cons with more details than you may want, to be fair to the company and customer.  Based on my interaction with the company and its management, I believe they will continue to be great people to work with, which has been another motivator.  

I spent many hours of research and comparisons for my own personal benefit of having the best food storage products.  I was zeroed in on Shelf Reliance products, so it was a no-brainer when I found out I can become a Consultant.  I took a 180 degree turn from my "no-salesperson comfort zone" because I believe my customers will be grateful to also have these products.